Keynote speech by Alex Grossman. The increased demands on the creative process – 2K/4K and beyond – have put dramatic pressure on DAM to respond with constantly improving performance and flexibility. DAM faces varied and growing demands like faster access, rapid retrieval, increased security, continual re-purposing and the need to be ready for rapid-response to an ever-changing, chaotic, 24 hour environment that simultaneously distributes for multiple purposes across multiple platforms. Driving DAM evolution forward, these influences have made it impossible for systems to be standalone islands – they are part of a bigger picture which also requires that DAM be tightly integrated with distribution and cloud services. To help drive DAM’s smart evolution, manufacturers and users must be willing to work closely to embrace new standards and techniques.

VIA: Createasphere

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Mark Davey

Great content, thanks for posting. Just to let you know the 4th video is not the correct one showing.


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