Good lighting is one of the most important aspects of any professional production. Unfortunately your budget may not allow for all the expensive equipment required for that perfect look. With that in mind, we created this list of over 100 DIY (“Do It Yourself”) lighting tutorials.

As always, whenever you are dealing with electricity and heat safety always comes first. For your sake and the sake of your crew, never take on one of these projects unless you know what you are doing. Saving a few dollars is not worth causing an injury or worse.

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You Talkin' to Me?

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Another “cheap” lighting instrument you can make for around $30 is this Chinese Lantern (China Ball) project that I put together a few years back.


This is the greatest post on DIY lighting, same for your DIY camera rigs. I was finding all of these links separately and to find them aggregated together is awesome! Thanks, guys.


Julie – les light on the walls and more on you – walls will reflect less yellow and you will take on the colour of the light, not the walls.

Hw Entertainment

This reminds me how much I need some light equipment


Thank you very much for your Basic Lighting Kit video. I’m just learning how to do lighting and it’s very helpful to see how different lighting can change the moods.

Two questions:
1. When you used a colored light bulb, do you put that just in the main light?

2. I tried to make a video in a room with yellow walls and I ended up looking yellow. How can I keep the colors in the walls around me from reflecting on me? (I looked very sick in the video!)

Thank you,


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