A monologue is sometimes asked for in an audition – this article offers a few classic samples.

…Let’s be clear: There is no such thing as a perfect list of the best monologues for actors. I know the monologues I personally love, such as Hamlet’s advice to the players—beautiful poetry, a great character, and funny to boot—but not everyone can or should play Hamlet. What I’m saying is that the monologue must fit the actor and vice versa. I can tell you that such and such monologue is a great one, but if it doesn’t fit you and you don’t love performing it, what good does it do you to learn it?

And while I’m on the subject of the classics, when you’re asked to audition with a short Shakespearean monologue of your choice, do not fool yourself into thinking you should do one of the sonnets, just to be different. There are scores and scores of glorious characters and monologues in Shakespeare’s plays, some in poetry, some in prose.

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