Saw this on the Pro Tools blog. Sadly sometimes things are funny because they’re true. Can you relate?

VIA: zeorge497

Produced by Scofield Editorial, Inc.

Casting Agency: Artistic Enterprises
Casting Director: Michelle Moore

Video Store Customer: David Meek
Video Store Clerk: Nick Krcek
Restaurant Customer (Male): Andy Guerdan
Restaurant Customer (Female): Andrea Gregory
Server: Landon Mitchell
Chef: Ron Pinkney
Hair Stylist: Chris Cones
Salon Patron: Anna Martinez

Additional Crew:
Lighting Director: Luke Amos
Camera Assist/Best Boy/Boom Op: Benjamin Dewhurst
Location Audio/Mix: Ben Ericsen

Special Thanks to:
Earshot Audio Post
Mass Ave Video
Marco’s Restaurant & Lounge
Secrets Nail & Hair Salon

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