Stunning Good Looks – The Canon 5d MkII in action

Art Adams shares his first time experience with the still camera turned video camera, the popular and somewhat controversial Canon 5D MkII.

…The Canon 5D is a cinematic nightmare. In movie mode it’s hard to see focus, difficult to set exposure, and it doesn’t show you exactly what you’re getting. It records to heavily compressed 8-bit H.264, and the only frame rate available is 30fps. Not 29.97–exactly 30p. It’s a complete pain to use.

And I love it.

I love it not as a cure-all camera that everyone should buy, but as a niche camera that does a few things very, very well–especially for the price. Everything this camera does (except for shooting stills) can be done better by other, more expensive HD cameras. For $2,600, though, it can’t be beat.

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