PingMag a Tokyo-based magazine about Design has some great examples of storyboards which were used for actual projects. As of December 31, 2008, PingMag and sister site PingMag MAKE are both on extended hiatus, and will not be updated for the foreseeable future, so check it out while they are still up.

…Ever wondered what the original ideas and skribbles to your favorite trailor or music video would look like? No? Well, sadly most of these precious drawings end up in the garbage once the movie is completed anyway and it is hard to hunt them down again(unless the directors were planning to publish a big “making of”-section anyway). We thought that these storyboards should get some more attention, so we asked around and gathered a few different examples and styles as to how to visualize the production process. Here are our storyboard designs in cooperation with 5 different directors/artists around the world. Enjoy!

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