You’ve heard his voice many times, but never knew who he was… until now. Backstage with Barry Nolan’s Sara Edwards gets personal with Don LaFontaine, the Voice of God!

You Talkin' to Me?

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John P. Hess

Yeah, now he’s literally the voice of God.

Bay City Filmworks
Bay City Filmworks

Really sad that he passed away Sept 1st 2008.


I worked with Don at Kaleidoscope Films in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He was so well polished and took direction well that he could come in and read 5 tv spot scripts in less than 10 minutes. Back then it was $1000 +10% per script…now?

Uncle Bob

Don is a living legend. I freelance at a studio that uses Don on occasion; or rather, has a few clients that can afford him. All you do is email Don the copy and a few hours later three different versions appear on your FTP.


Don has an awesome voice, and he’s a regular guy. so he’s a star without being a star

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