Dan Brockett’s White Paper “Location Sound” while a few years old is still a great starting point for beginners and even experienced filmmakers wanting to learn the basics of location audio.

…The concepts of location sound recording that we will discuss in this article are basically the same, whether you are shooting your tenth independent film or your first project with your first new camcorder. Audio seems to be one of the most challenging areas for beginners and even experienced filmmakers alike. Video professionals typically find sound one of the most challenging aspects of production. Ten years ago, producing professional quality film or video was a much more cut and dried process. If you wanted decent sound for your picture, you either had the knowledge and equipment to record it yourself or you hired a location sound team. This is still true today but the differences are that there are a lot more people producing video today who may not have experience and skill in recording location sound than there were ten years ago.

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